tracts for the times

We are bored in the city, there is no longer any temple of the sun. "And you, forgotten, your memories ravaged by all the sorrow of the map of the world, stranded in the red caves of Pali-Kao, without music and without geography, no longer setting out for the hacienda, - where the roots call up the child and the wine is drunk down to fables of an old almanac - Now that game is lost. You'll never see the hacienda. The hacienda must be built".


Can't Take Johnny To The Funeral (1991-92) Joyride (1992-94) We Turn In A Circle (1995-97)

screenings 2021

  • Epping Walk / Perryman Close - Freight Island, Manchester, Summer 2021
  • Epping Walk / Perryman Close - Kino Film Festival, Cafe Blah, Withington, Sat Aug 28th
  • Epping Walk / Perryman Close / We Want Be Free - Green Island, Hulme, Sat Sept 4th
  • Epping Walk / Perryman Close / We Want Be Free - Old Abbey Taphouse, Greenheys, Sun Sept 12th
  • Epping Walk / Perryman Close / Postcards - Serve Chilled, Carlton Club, Manchester, Sun Sept 19th


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